Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The SenseWings-Jake Bevan Ray Jia Ler Daniel

1. What is your company providing? (Can be either a product or service, but be specific. Don't tell me you are selling sporting goods - tell me whether you are distributing to stores or selling online.)
2. What is your target group? (e.g. are your clients retirees who want to keep fit or elite athletes?)
3. Which aspect of the retail chain are you focusing on? (If you want to design a pair of skates, don't tell me you opening a retail store to sell skates as stores don't normally do design.)
4. After answering the above 3 questions, tell me how your business is different and better than what is currently available.

1)The SenseWings. It is a pair of shoe that glows in the dark. When the shoe is under different temperature, the colour changes too. Our inspiration comes from the colour changing mug due to the heat. We would be creating this and patenting it to prevent other people from copying. We would use this technology to create shoes for all (genders, age).

2)Our target audience is from 15-35 years old as we would like to attract the new era of people who like new innovations. This is new in the market and so it would be successful.

3)We would use this technology to create shoes for all (genders, age). We would have a collection that comes out every season. First we would open an outlet and if business is good we would expand it locally and worldwide.

4)Our business is much better as it is a new innovation in town and it would attract the new era of people who love new things. It is much better for the locals as they do not have to pay import and export cost compared to the other brands from overseas As people would always want something different, they would like our products.


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