Saturday, August 6, 2011

OhDeez-DIY Apparels (Joel Ho Eng Kiat, Chen Yu, Izzat, Siah Wei, ODS)

Essential Questions
What is your company providing? (Can be either a product or service, but be specific. Don't tell me you are selling sporting goods - tell me whether you are distributing to stores or selling online.)

Our company can be considered as an apparel-selling company. As we do not think that a physical shop would be feasible due to our different business model, we would be marketing our products online. Also, we can retail our custom products to retailers.

What is your target group? (e.g. are your clients retirees who want to keep fit or elite athletes?)

We are targeting modern youths that demand for their freedom and is open to different changes. As customers get to customize their own apparels, we can have a diverse market of youths from different backgrounds.
Which aspect of the retail chain are you focusing on? (If you want to design a pair of skates, don't tell me you opening a retail store to sell skates as stores don't normally do design.)

We can be part of the manufacturing yet designing at the same time. This is so as we help customers facilitate the designing of the apparels by providing materials and custom base design, yet retailing our products directly on a Internet platform.

4. After answering the above 3 questions, tell me how your business is different and better than what is currently available.
Our business is considered very different from the main stream apparel market as in still of browsing a store regardless whether online or physically; as instead of choosing from a certain amount of designs, but however, instead of just choosing from already designed apparels which limit the consumers’ choices and own personalization, our business model by allowing consumers to design their own apparels, giving them unlimited freedom and flow of creativity and truly wear what they want to wear.


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