Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Discovery

Dear S206,

Thanks for the entertaining performances. As explained, you didn't understand the New Discovery instant challenge correctly. You should have come up with one discovery, and 3 ideas. Need an example? Here's one from Narnia:

U discovered that your wardrobe (can be your class cupboard) leads to the world of Narnia! What does it mean?
1. You can go into the wardrobe, study (and play!) for days, and come back to Singapore, having spent only a few seconds of real time. You will definitely have enough time to complete your homework and ace your exams.
2. You can go into your wardrobe to ski anytime you want, as long as you avoid the ice-queen.
3. You can solve Singapore's water and land shortage problem!!!

Thanks for your attention =)

Mr Dennis


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